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Muon Interactive Visualizer For iPad

Muon takes music visualisation on iPad to the next level. MachineCodex Software Australia are pleased to announce the release of Muon, an interactive music visualizer for iPad that generates endlessly varying beauty with an advanced 3D graphics particle system, presenting a living lightshow which evolves and warps in response to your touch, and dances with […]

vPad Vj App For iPad

vPad is VJ application concept design for Apple iPad. Also see Motionpad: We don’t have any more info on these yet. Stay tuned.

Modul8 for iPad

Modul8 is not yet available for the iPad so in the meantime you can use Touch OSC to create a custom control pad for it. Touch OSC on iTunes here:

Resolume For iPad

Many of us are just waiting for something like Resolume to come out for the iPad. This video is a hoax. They are using an app like iTeleport to control Resolume remotely via the iPad. You can also use Touch Osc to create a custom control set as well. Resolume VJ Software – Resolume Avenue […]