Muon Interactive Visualizer For iPad

Muon takes music visualisation on iPad to the next level. MachineCodex Software Australia are pleased to announce the release of Muon, an interactive music visualizer for iPad that generates endlessly varying beauty with an advanced 3D graphics particle system, presenting a living lightshow which evolves and warps in response to your touch, and dances with your music.

Complete access to your music library makes Muon a fantastic party companion, while the video-out capability lets you hook your iPad to a projector or TV for an instant VJ experience.

Intuitive editing controls take full advantage of multi-touch allowing endless customisation of visualizer parameters in real-time, all of which may be saved as presets. When left alone, Muon’s Evolution Engine ensures that your screen is filled with fascinating, ever-changing animations.

Muon features:

Inbuilt iPod-library Music player
Evolution Engine
True 3D particles
Multiple emitters and attractors
Dozens of inbuilt textures
Intuitive editing controls
Endless beautiful and strange forms
Touch and audio reactive


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