iOS Video Apps For Vjs Round Up

There really isn’t much out there just yet in regards to Video Apps for Vjs who use iOS devices but I’m sure something new is in the works. Stay tuned to this site for future updates. Here are some cool visual image manipulators that will get you started.

TouchViz Vj App For iPad

TouchViZ is a professional, portable VJ system for iPad 2. At home or in the club, professionally or just for fun, you can now create impressive visuals straight from your iPad.

TouchViz iPad Vj App Screenshot

TouchViz iPad Vj App Screenshot


– Import up to 125 videos into your set via iTunes File Sharing or from the iPad’s library
– Playback and mix two channels of video with independent playback speed control
– Display the output on an external screen or projector using any iPad-compatible video-out adapter
– Use the iPad’s front and back-facing cameras as input to integrate live footage into your set
– Apply one of 17 effect filters to each channel and the master output
– Control effect parameters using the multi-touch enabled preview area
– Preview the output in full-screen on the iPad
– Save and load your set to recall, backup or transfer sets between iPads using iTunes File Sharing
– Configure the interface layout to your preference
– 10 demo clips by hexler and pixeldelay included
– CoreMIDI support allows full control of TouchViZ wirelessly using OS X CoreMIDI Network sessions, using iPad MIDI interfaces such as iRig MIDI, iConnectMIDI, MIDI Mobilizer II, Yamaha i-MX1, or by connecting a compatible USB MIDI-controller using the iPad Camera Connection Kit
– Open Sound Control support allows full control of TouchViZ over WiFi from any application that supports OSC such as Max/MSP, PureData, Max4Live, TouchOSC and others
– Built on the latest iOS 5 and OpenGL ES 2.0 technology

…and many, many more features to be added in future updates!

TouchViz is available for $9.99

Video Apps For Vjs

iVJ Good!
The VJ (video jockey) application for iPhone appears!
Video mixing ability in the palm of your hand.
You can in real time manipulate the images,as you feel it.
iVJ allows performances and presentations that include images to be made more expressive than ever before.

What’s New in Version 1.10

・The problem that the loop becomes interrupted is solved.
・The trouble of PAL signal is corrected.
・The trouble when the VGA cable is connected.
・Sample Movies are added (Presented by PORTASOUNDS).
・iVJ come to be able to select movies from the iTunes library and the CameraRoll.
・The delete function of movie files is added.
・The blend rate of the cross-fader is corrected.
・The reaction of the cross-fader : to quicker.
・The auto switching function is added: the preview screen tapping.
・The seek bar smoothed.
・The icon became a high resolution.

If you have iPhone4, the visual performance can be projected to the screen.
iPhone4 becomes a complete VJ machine!

iVJ is available for $2.99

TransReality – OOOh I like this!
TransReality is a visual application for iPhone that rhythmically transforms a photo or the camera’s live preview. Enjoy rotating and flashing the sights around you or your favorite pictures. Transformations can be made to be anything from smooth and calming to wild and intense.

Get TransReality here:

DJs scratch records, VJs play visuals to music, is visual scratching for iOS. With version 3, you can pick songs from your iPod library and create multitrack animations.

Get Tappr.Tv here:

Interactive generative art application we mentioned few months back from award winning computer animator and software designer Glenn Marshall . Explore and interact with an endlessly generating world of organic visuals using drag and pinch to pan, move and rotate through space, pause / play, save snaphots to your photo library, and switch on audio reactive visuals.

The app is based on the same algorithm (metamorphosis) as used in Glenn’s collaboration with Peter Gabriel to create The Nest That Sailed The Sky music video (see video below). While the app is free to download, included only is the visualizer of set parameters. To get the full ‘Zio Studio’ upgrade you need to purchase the upgrade via In App Purchase. Once you have done the full download, a whole set of incredible features (options) are available at your disposal. Whilst the app (default) in itself is quite immersive once you have unlocked the full potential you will find yourself spending at least an hour experimenting with all the features. Of course, as you would expect you can save your configurations and the app comes with 3 presets. Share to switch between these and interact with one at the time.

Zio – iPhone App teaser #2 from Glenn Marshall on Vimeo.

Get Zio here:

Photastic Video Warper
Photastic is an image and video warping and destruction app.
Supports warping still images from the photo library and the camera or warping video in Real-Time from the camera.

Get Photastic here:

Time for a trip? iBeams is a interactive procedural special effects system, pending FDA approval as a mind altering substance. Create and manipulate hypnotic beams of plasma, lightning bolts, squiggles, lasers, swirly swarms, flames of light, geometric shapes, sine waves, color spray, and other psychedelic shapes.
Video of iBeams 3.2 an art toy for the iPhone/iPod touch. A dozen different parameters can be tied to the music intensity. Width, motion blur, zoom, speed….

Get iBeams here:

Pixi Touch Art
Pixi is a new graphical experience for the iPhone that allows users to interact with their touchscreen as never before to create beautiful and unique animated designs. Pixi fully utilizes the iPhone’s multi-touch capabilities to provide a completely new and addictive way of making art. It’s magical. It’s mesmerizing. Pixi is easy to use, but you’ll find endless ways to express yourself the deeper you explore. Pixi animations resemble flowers, galaxies, mandalas, stars or nearly anything you can imagine.

Get Pixi on iTunes here

Cosmic Painter
CosmicPainter is an amazing, fun and addictive application where you create incredible animated paintings ! CosmicPainter allows you to paint on a moving canvas, creating a spirograph or scrolling effect, which is then animated.

Get CosmicPainter here:

Play with thousands of flying stars. Watch as stars respond to your fingers, while you pull, push and spin them. Watch as they fall and bounce in response to gravity and the accelerometer. Even make them pulse to a musical beat from the microphone.

Get Gravilocity here

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